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I can’t tell you how excited I am to be included in Lower Oak Lawn’s Sixteen Must-Follow Pinterest Users {Design Edition}!  If you haven’t heard of Pinterest yet, you will soon be addicted. It is a virtual pinboard that allows you organize and share images from all over the web. You can create and customize your boards to your heart’s desire. All you have to do is install the “Pin It” bookmarklet onto your toolbar and you are ready to collect photos of design, fashion, food… you get the idea. And the fun part is seeing what your friends are pinning!  Some of the lovelies from Kendall’s list I already follow, and I was quick to follow the ones I didn’t!

Lower Oak Lawn - Pinterest Users to FollowI love Lower Oak Lawn, because Kendall always keeps me in the know of what’s the latest and greatest in the Dallas Design District. Thank you, Kendall, for including me in your list!


P.S. If you want an invitation to Pinterest, let me know!

Childrens Ceiling Medallions by Marie Ricci

You know how a single detail can totally transform a look? Well, when I was working on Pearson’s room, the chandelier was one of those details I wanted to be perfect. It wasn’t just the light fixture, the shades, or the cord cover, but the addition of the ceiling medallion that raised the bar to the next level. Oh, if I had only known Marie Ricci at the time!

Marie Ricci

Marie Ricci

Talk about attention to detail, Marie’s hand-made children’s ceiling medallions are the perfect touch to finish any child’s room. I asked Marie a few questions so our House of Wentworth readers could get to know the artist and the passion behind her beautiful work.

HoW: Marie, your ceiling medallions are stunning! Tell us about your creative process to make these gorgeous pieces.

Marie Ricci - ChandeliersMR: What makes my art unique, is that I am the curator from start to finish. Most customers don’t realize how much time is involved in creating my art. For each piece in my collection, I start with a line drawing, transfer it to the foam, use a hand-held router and route away the background, then carve the remaining shape with chisels. There is a lot of sanding involved to achieve the final smoothness. Several coats of primer and finish coats, then a mold has to be made before any casting can begin, I make this as well. Once the lightweight resin is cast from the mold, the process begins all over again. Several coats of primer and finish coats, then the final color the customer chooses. I do all of this, which surprises most people. I have invested so much time in each piece, that my customers are truly buying a piece of me when they buy my art.

Marie Ricci Ceiling Medallion as Wall Art

HoW: That is quite a process! What are some of your favorite tips or tricks to display your art?

MR:  You can also use a ceiling medallion as wall art. By framing around it and painting the inside section to offset the ceiling medallion, it looks like a piece of art.

HoW: I also noticed on your website how you transform them into clocks as well as mount them on the wall behind sconces. I always love it when you can use a detail in multiple ways and get different looks for different projects.

HoW: I’m so excited to be one of the first to showcase your new monogrammed medallions! I can only imagine how much time went into creating the entire alphabet!

Marie Ricci Monogramed Ceiling Medallions

HoW: Other than your beautiful talent, what are a few things you would like people to know about you?

MR: I have a great sense of humor, I LOVE to laugh and I love talking with my customers. They offer suggestions for new designs and they inspire me. I also love walking at night through the village where I live, in Essex, CT around 10 o’clock at night, when the streets are quiet. We walk with our dog down to the river and back, it’s a great way to clear the head. But most importantly, I love what I do for a living. I couldn’t think of doing anything else. I am truly fortunate to be able to say that.

Marie Ricci - Sconce PlaqueHoW: Where can our readers purchase your beautiful work as well as follow and support you?

MR: They can purchase from the Marie Ricci website, and for your readers, here is a 10% coupon code to be used at checkout: friend

They can also find me on Facebook as well as on my blog.

HoW: Thank you so much, Marie, for offering the special discount to our readers! I know I will be using your products in my future projects!




Winterize Your Decor

Happy New Year! Well, it’s officially cold outside… and when the Holiday decorations come down, it always seems so bare. So what do you pull out in the Winter to make your space feel more cozy? We just pulled out the throw and pillows that we put on the sofa each year, but we also purchased a couple of new pillow cases that totally make the look complete.
Winterize Your Decor - 1. Plain Jane SofaLucky me, these fabulous Mongolian Lamb Pillow Covers from West Elm fit my pillows to a tee!

Winterize Your Decor - 2. Add West Elm Pillow Covers

I’ve had this pillow and throw set for years, but you can find similar sets at many retailers… West Elm, Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, and I’ve even seen them at Costco.

Winterize Your Sofa - Add your faux fur pillows and throw

It’s super comfy and we love to pile on and catch some football or a movie. Even Bella likes it 🙂

Winterize Your Decor - Bella snuggled up

Happy 2012!


Pearson’s White Christmas Tree

Pearson is now 2.5 so we are VERY excited about Christmas this year. My holiday decoration inspiration came when Robb turned on the Christmas tree lights for the first time, and P literally squealed with excitement… I knew she needed her very own tree, and by golly, I was going to give her one! I wanted her to have a white tree, of course, to compliment her room. So off to Hobby Lobby I went for ornaments and a tree. I totally scored on the ornaments, but there were no white trees to be had.  When I told Robb of my luck, he took off to Walmart to brave the crowds and see if he could find P a white tree. He returned with the perfect white tree! It is about 4 feet tall and is pre-lit with multi-color lights (including pink), so Project White Tree was a go.

Pearson's White Christmas Tree

Pearson's White Christmas Tree

I  wrapped it in silver ribbon and used these precious bird clips with feather tails and white pine cone ornaments as a “filler”.

Bird clips with feather tails...

Bird clips with feather tails...

Then I hung her ornaments as well as some new ones…

P's Ornaments

P's Ornaments

And she loves it! She takes all visitors to her room to see her tree… well worth the effort 🙂

Merry Christmas Eve!!


Holiday Gift Guide on Modern Eve

Our friend Katie over at Modern Eve was so kind to include us in her 12 Days of Holiday Gift Guides! We each sent links to some of our favorite gift suggestions. She is featuring Dallas bloggers and we are thrilled to be a part of it!
I have loved checking out everyone’s shopping resources; but I’m curious… what are yours??

P.S. You can find the entire list of bloggers here!

Simple Floral Arrangements

Here’s another simple flower arrangement this novice put together using my trusty Pottery Barn mint julep cup and flowers from Central Market. All I needed was one white hydrangea as an anchor and they had these beautiful small, dusty rose calla lilies. They were so sweet with just the hint of color I was looking for.

Simple Floral Arrangment in Mint Julep Cup

It only took about 5 minutes to arrange and we were able to enjoy for flowers for over a week! Just thinking about it makes me want to go buy more flowers…

Hope you are having a great weekend!



Do you pouf? Poufs are so fun and such a great alternative for a stool, a footrest or even a side table. Very comfy and useful with styles that go with virtually any decor… My new pouf obsession began with a hunt for Pearson’s room. It was a toss-up between a pouf and a beanbag type of style. If I had a little boy, I would totally go for the beanbag!! But the little girl definitely required a pouf. Here are some favorites I came across in my hunt…

My Dream Pouf:

Calypso St. Barth Pouf Bulle GoatPerfect for the gentleman’s office, a game room, the library… I could go on and on. I love this pouf!!

The Gentlemans Pouf

This one is perfect for a tray to hold your cocktail…

Monica Förster Esedra PoufA little black and white modern pouf from Italian House of Missoni…

Missoni Pouf

Love this fabulous hit of color from the turquoise…

Serena & Lily Handmade Moroccan PoufOne more handmade Moroccan pouf with a side of bling!

John Derian Handmade Moroccan PoufFor the Boys…

The Original-Army by FatboyAnd finally, Pearson’s new pouf!

Pearson's Pouf

Pearson, Baby & Pouf

I think it’s pretty perfect for P and her room…

So tell me, what do you think of the pouf??



New Curtain Rods

Boy, what a catchy title… not! Anyway, they are pretty stellar, I must say. And, of course, they are for Pearson’s room. So the hunt for curtain rods was a long one because we covered two entire walls with drapery and we needed some pretty long rods. I immediately fell in love with these rods and finials from Restoration Hardware:

Restoration Hardware Estate Crystal Finials

Restoration Hardware Estate Crystal Finials

The problem was that the rods weren’t long enough… total bummer! In order to get the curtains up and give me some time to hunt, we purchased long rods at Home Depot. You can see how they really stand out and kind of break up the illusion of height I was trying to create…

Pearson's old curtain rodsSo one day as I was stalking my favorite acrylic website, Plexi-Craft, and found the perfect curtain rods AND finials! The beauty of it is that they make them custom so you can get any length you need! Not only are the finials gorgeous and mimic the Restoration Hardware finials, the brackets to hang the rods are stunning as well. Who would think a curtain rod bracket could be beautiful??

Acrylic Curtain Rods and Finials

Acrylic Curtain Rods and Finials

Acrylic Curtain Rods

Acrylic Curtain Rods

Plexi-Craft Acrylic Rod, Finial, & Bracket

Plexi-Craft Acrylic Rod, Finial, & Bracket

And here’s the final result!

Pearson's New Curtain Rods

Pearson's New Curtain Rods

I love how they no longer create a horizontal line to stop the eye, but allow the drapes to stand alone and soften the space. They blend so much better with the chandelier! And so continues my obsession with acrylic… kind of an unexpected little hit of it, don’t you think?

P.S. As I was putting this post together, look what they now have at Home Depot by Martha Stewart! Talk about a stunning look on a budget! How pretty!!



Ronda Carman & Amanda Nisbet in bed with SFERRA

So I have been following Ronda Carman‘s All The Best Blog for quite some time. A few years ago, I finally had the pleasure of meeting Ronda. She is so lovely and inspiring! Ultimately, she was one of the reasons I sat down at the computer and began my blog: House of Wentworth.

Not only does Ronda have an incredibly successful blog, she has become a social media maven for the design community. Along with her tastemaker/superstar status comes the title “Brand Ambassador” for the Italian luxury linen line SFERRA.

Recently SFERRA and Ronda have launched their new “In Bed With…” campaign where Ronda interviews a designer to gain “insight into their linen preferences, inspirations and cherished memories”. As you might guess from the series title, these interviews take place upon a bed swathed in the gorgeous Italian threads. Without further ado, here is a new release of Ronda interviewing the talented Amanda Nisbet for the “Pillow Talk” series:

Love these interviews and how Ronda has a way of taking “All The Best” people and brands in design and bringing them together in new ways! You can follow Ronda’s amazing journey through social media on her Blog, Facebook and Twitter.

A Glass of Pinot & some Baby Lifestyles…

So tonight my smarty pants husband and I are sharing a bottle of Calera Pinot Noir, 2006, Mt. Harlan Cuvée, to celebrate the end of his first year of grad school… Did I mention the smarty pants busted an A, as usual??

Calera 2006, Pinot Noir, Mt. Harlan Cuvée

Calera 2006, Pinot Noir, Mt. Harlan Cuvée

Anyway, we are also toasting that Pearson’s Room was featured in the 2nd edition of Baby Lifestyles e-magazine. Check out pages 46-50! I was pretty excited! Also toasting Adam Japko for being such an amazing person and for introducing me to the many amazing folks I have met in my short blogging career…

All in all, life is good, and hopefully sacrificing now for dessert in the end will pair nicely with another glass of Calera… 🙂