High Point Market Spring 2013…Wishing I were there!

Oh, how I long to be in High Point, NC right now at High Point Market! High Point Market is the creme de la creme of markets for all things interior design. It’s almost more than I can take watching the #HPMKT Instagram photos! There are oh so many reasons I long to be there, but I can give you my top 3 right off the bat:

1. Plexi-Craft has a space in the IMC Showplace #3400 to launch their new “to the trade” line. And it includes my Spider Chair! If you are so lucky to be there, please go by and meet Allen and Ethan. They are so awesome to work with! Tell them I sent you and take a look at the chair!

Spider Back HPMKT2. Currey & Company Showroom can be found at IHFC, Space M110. Their product line is incredible and they have fun events planned all weekBethanne and Cecil know how to show you a great time while you drool over their amazing chandeliers, etc!

Currey & Company HPMKT Showroom3. Ronda Carman will be signing her new book, Designers at Home, on Monday, from 3-5, in the Currey & Company Showroom! I just got my book last Thursday and it is a MUST READ! This incredible amount of material/photography is impressively packed into a perfectly sized book to grab on the go! I will be hauling this one around for a long time! Go by and meet this incredible lady and buy her fabulous book!

EviteForRonda-Rizzoli-April2013Well, that is only the beginning as I could carry on all night about how I long to be in NC! The people, the parties, and on and on… Ah, maybe in October! Fingers crossed!! Hope you all have a great week, and let me know if you went to HPMKT!



{Guest Post} Raising the Curtain on Custom Window Treatments by Jay Harris for Home Depot

Home Depot ShadesBecause I receive so many inquiries about Pearson’s window treatments, I knew exactly what topic to choose for this Home Depot post! Believe it or not, these roman shades were custom ordered at Home Depot. They are Barcelona by Hampton Bay in Birchbark. I knew I wanted to use a natural woven shade, and these have a silky cord incorporated that gives a great reflectivity to it. I like the contrast of the mat natural fiber vs. the silky reflective. So here is Jay Harris from Home Depot to give you a few pointers for your own custom window treatments and what to consider before you purchase. Take it away Jay!

It’s no secret that window treatments can raise the curtain on a new level of style and
sophistication in a room, but many don’t realize there’s more to the process than merely hanging drapes. While roman shades, wood blinds, woven rollers, cornices, and pleated panels can each elevate a room’s décor in a unique and interesting way, window treatments also serve a practical purpose, helping to manage light flow, highlight or hide a view, gain privacy, and conserve energy.

With all of this to consider, custom window treatments, though pricier than ready-made options, make sense. A window treatment specialist can assist in selecting curtains and shades tailored to your specific needs, giving a precise fit for optimal insulation; individual choices such as cord placement, fabric matching, and trim details; and design selections ideal for your window proportions. Below, I’ll shed some light on a few things professionals consider when creating custom treatments:

Keeper of the Light

We love when a window bathes a space in natural light, but just as the sun’s rays can be harmful to our skin, direct sunlight causes damage to design elements. Your rooms are likely filled with wood and upholstered furniture, carpets and rugs, hardwood flooring, wallpaper, and artwork, all of which can be faded and cracked by too much sun exposure. Use window treatments to minimize the amount of direct sunlight pouring into a room. Options like sheers, handkerchief linen curtains, and woven window shades can filter the sunlight and cut back on glare without detracting from your home’s natural lightness. For the ability to block the sun entirely, choose interlined draperies that can be drawn closed. Or, for a layered look, incorporate wood blinds or shutters underneath.

Showcase Showdown

Some windows frame picturesque panoramas that are almost artwork unto themselves; others look out onto a brick wall. The right treatment can work to either highlight or hide a view. If you want to complement a lovely scene, an outside-mounted treatment (one that covers the wall adjacent to and above the window itself) will make the window appear larger and create a frame for the beautiful setting beyond. Choose fabrics that harmonize with your wall color or landscape so as not to compete with the vista, and then use details such as trim and tiebacks for pizazz.

Alternatively, if you need to mask an unfavorable sight, utilize inside-mount treatments, which cut into the window’s view on the top and sides, minimizing what’s visible. Sheers or lace hung on a second rod behind decorative drapes (so they can be closed separately) also give you the option to blur the view during the day while still allowing light to pass through.

Night Vision

After sunset, two new considerations set in.
First, neighbors can see into lit rooms at night, so it’s important to utilize treatments that can be drawn closed in the evening, especially on windows in front rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and dressing rooms. Whether you add blinds beneath your curtains or include a separate-track liner, you’ll want to take care to have complete privacy at night.

Second, large windows may frame a stunning daytime scene, but they succumb to the darkness in the evening. A shadowy void can create an uncomfortable atmosphere in a room, so choose high-design treatments with a sculptural aesthetic that will add color and texture to the room while concealing the “black hole.”

Insulation Material

Up to 30 percent of a home’s heat is lost through windows and doors, according to the California Energy Commission’s Consumer Energy Center. Dressing your window with fabric can minimize that loss, protecting the interior from warm and cold drafts. The best defenses against the elements are interlining (a flannel-like material sewn between the decorative and lining fabrics) and layering, which can add excellent body to a window treatment. Think shades, drapery panels, sheers, valances, wood blinds, and honeycomb shades–the more layers you add, the more effective your window treatments will be at insulating your home from energy loss.
Additionally, soft window finishes absorb outside noise from traffic, neighbors, sirens, and the like as well as help dampen echoes inside a large room.

Thank you, Jay!! So, what are some of your favorite tricks and techniques for dressing up your windows?

*Jay Harris is a Home Depot store associate in the Chicago area, and writes online tips and how-tos on equipment rentals, including carpet cleaner rental tips and truck rental tips.

And the winner is…

A big THANK YOU to all who entered the Spider Back Chair raffle benefiting Dwell with Dignity! And another big THANK YOU to Plexi-Craft for the thoughtful donation!

Without further ado, the winner is Judy Watson of Dallas, TX! A fellow Dwell supporter! Thank you, Judy, for participating! Your chair is on the way!

Amy Lee Spider Back Chair


Countdown to the Spider Chair raffle!

Tonight at midnight the raffle to win this chair will end! I designed this chair in collaboration with Plexi-Craft and we launched them this month at the Design Bloggers Conference in LA.

Amy Lee Spider Back Chair

All proceeds of this raffle will go to Dwell with Dignity, one of our favorite non-profits founded here in Dallas. You can read more about this group and see our feature on their Inspire: Acrylic blog post. Tickets are only $10, so please help me support Dwell with Dignity and purchase a ticket! (or 10 tickets!)

P.S. If you are a blogger and purchase a ticket, then blog about it, post the link on the Dwell with Dignity Facebook Page, you will be automatically entered a second time in the raffle!

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!


House of Wentworth for Plexi-Craft

So I am finally able to share the exciting news! I am in Las Angeles attending the annual Design Bloggers Conference where we are announcing our furniture collaboration with Plexi-Craft. This collaboration stemmed from my meeting the CEO of Plexi-Craft at last years’ Design Bloggers Conference. I will share the story with you after the conference because I have more news!

The other exciting piece of news I have is that I am going to tell the story tomorrow on a panel at the conference! I am so excited about this opportunity! The other panellists are Jennifer Mehditash of Dec-a-porter fame and Bill Pryor of Spynergy Consulting Services.

Two of my designs are now available for purchase, so I’m going to share those (around a 4 week lead time). Plexi-Craft brought one of each design to the conference and we are doing some exciting things with them!

The Shield Back Chair

Shield Back Sketch & PhotoWe are going to give this chair away to one of the participants of the Design Bloggers Conference!

The Sider Back Chair

Spider Back Sketch & PhotoThe Spider Back Chair is going to be raffled off with all proceeds going to our favorite non-profit Dwell with Dignity. Just click on the link and purchase your tickets in $10 increments. Each ticket will enter you for another chance to win! The last day to enter is Friday, March 15th, 2013.

Please support Dwell with Dignity and let me know your thoughts on the chairs!





The Masculine Master… (in a teeny, tiny space)

So when I asked Robb what color scheme he wanted in the master, he said, “anything but more gray”. So I happen to like gray… Anyway, dark chocolate seemed to be the ticket. Benjamin Moore’s Bittersweet Chocolate to be exact. I wanted to keep the flow similar to Pearson’s room, so the window treatments are the same concept. Because it is such a small space, there is no room for clutter so a simple color scheme with hits of blue was all it took.

© House of Wentworth, photo credit Skylar Reeves Photography

© House of Wentworth, photo credit Skylar Reeves Photography

© House of Wentworth, photo credit Skylar Reeves Photography

© House of Wentworth, photo credit Skylar Reeves Photography© House of Wentworth, photo credit Skylar Reeves Photography

Let me know what you think! Hope you are all having a great Holiday Season!



All photo credits to Skylar Reeves Photography

{Before and After} The Princess Chair

So about 5.5 years ago, when we purchased our home, there was this fabulous estate sale in the house directly behind ours. And when I say fabulous, I mean fabulous! So we proceeded to purchase a few items that we fell in love with and one was, what I dubbed, The Princess Chair. Little did I know that my future would hold a precious little princess of my own! So when we were designing Pearson’s nursery, I knew exactly what I was going to do with the chair.

It is an antique French barrel chair that has beautiful carving and a sweeping back (in the shape of a tiara) . Because Pearson’s room is all white, I wanted to stick with the color palate, but I also wanted a fabric that would grow with her and have a little attitude as well. My two favorites were these Duralee fabrics.

Beautiful off-white fabric swatches from Duralee

I ended up using the leopard print. It’s understated sass was perfect for P!

Before & After Front View

Before & After photos of the back of the chair

Here is the finished chair in Pearson’s room. Perfect for a little girl to curl up with a book on a rainy day…

The finished chair in Pearson's room


Pearson’s Room by Skylar Reeves Photography

Hello!! My goodness how time flies when your husband is in graduate school and your baby is 3 all of a sudden! I have been wanting to share these photos with you for a while and finally…

Pearson's Room View 1

Pearson's Room View 2

Pearson's Room View 3

Pearson's Room View 4

Pearson's Room View 5

Pearson's Room View 6

Pearson's Room View 7

Pearson's Room View 8

Pearson's Room View 10

And last but not least, the photo I use for cover art for my blog:

Pearson's Room View 9

Her room doesn’t look like this anymore as we are morphing from baby to big girl and I have some super fun updates to share! So how do you like the new shots?



My Love Affair with Skylar Reeves Photography

So as I write this post, I’m sitting here in the airport in LA waiting for my flight home from this year’s Design Bloggers Conference (which I can’t wait to tell you all about!) But as I have been in this design-filled whirlwind the last 3 days, I have missed my family! Before the trip I had Robb load all of our DVDs of family photos onto my laptop so I would have their faces on constant rotation on my desktop and screen-saver.  I want to share with you the artist responsible for capturing these oh-so-precious memories for me… Skylar Reeves

Skylar Reeves

I met Austin-based Skylar Reeves in August of 2009 when Pearson was only 3 months old. After one session with her I was hooked. As you can see from her website, she is super versatile and talented. She can shoot absolutely anything from product to rock stars and make it artistic and unique. Skylar has a photo-journalistic style, which I adore. Her shots tell stories and I am always amazed with what she is able to capture.

Skylar Reeves

Here are some more of my favorites:

Skylar Reeves Photography

Skylar Reeves Photography

Skylar Reeves Photography

Skylar Reeves Photography

Trust me, there are MANY more, but go check out her websites to get a glimpse of her versatility:



You can see more of Skylar’s talent on her Facebook pages where she gives her clients some sneak peaks:



Stay tuned for Skylar shots of Pearson’s room!

{Guest Post} Contemporary Mediterranean Style from Arcadian Lighting

I’m thrilled to have a guest post for you today from Jessica at Arcadian Lighting! With the Winter storm that is rolling in, these images and links are sure to warm your Popsicle toes!

Hi there! I’m Jessica with Arcadian Lighting, a website and blog all about lighting fixtures and the latest in interior designs. Now that we’re well into winter, I thought it’d be nice to share some warm, contemporary Mediterranean inspired interiors to help tide you over till spring. Thank you for having me as your guest, Amy! I hope you enjoy!

Mediterranean interiors are all about vibrant colors, like red, orange and yellow, with rustic materials, such as terra cotta, stucco and iron or wood furniture. On its own, Mediterranean style is gorgeous, but if you factor in minimal details and sleek, geometric shapes, you’ve got a contemporary twist on an Old World style.

Contemporary Mediterranean

Bright shots of red and intricately patterned tile floors give this kitchen a subtle Mediterranean feel, but the industrial looking pendant lights and unconventional metal chairs add a more ìcurrentî vibe.

Contemporary Mediterranean

The neutral color palette in this room is decidedly more contemporary, but rustic details like the woven rug and antique candelabra and lanterns are very traditional. I love the exposed wood beams on the ceiling.

Contemporary Mediterranean

This elegant living room showcases an eclectic mix of style. The deep cobalt blue accents are certainly a Mediterranean favorite, as are the woven rug and antique lantern. The white and blue porcelain vases are beautiful accents.

Contemporary Mediterranean

I love the quarried stone floor in this kitchen, and there’s nothing more rustic and Mediterranean than a stone fireplace. A floor-to-ceiling bookshelf in the next room is a very modern touch.

Contemporary Mediterranean

The contemporary furniture in this calming bedroom are a perfect fit for the ocean inspired paintings and cool color palette of tans and blues. The petite†lamps†are perfect for reading late into the night. The whole room design is a subtle nod to the relaxing Mediterranean sea.

Contemporary Mediterranean

This spacious home features arches and columns popular in Mediterranean style, as well as tiled walls in the kitchen and the built-in shelf. The patterned rug is an Old World accent compared to the modern day furniture.

Contemporary Mediterranean

The gorgeous location is obviously what makes this room authentic Mediterranean, but contemporary furnishings and simple pops of bright color are wonderful inspiration for those of us not fortunate enough to live on the coast of the Mediterranean.

Contemporary Mediterranean

Beautiful Mediterranean accents give actress Ellen Pompeo’s living room a rich, warm atmosphere. Gorgeous lanterns peek out from behind the Moroccan-style arches, while black and white portraits add a contemporary feel.†Images†1†|†2†|†3†|†4†|†5†|†6†|†7†|†8

For more interior design inspirations and a great selection of light fixtures, stop by Arcadian Lighting!